With so much noise on the internet, how do you know who you can trust? How do you know which product to buy and if it even does what it says it does?

If you don’t know the person that is selling a package, it would be foolish to simply put your trust in them just on their say so, or sales page / video. It might have been OK to take a person’s word for it in the earlier part of the last century, but integrity and honesty has become a rare thing and you need to hear what other people are saying to be able to assess the truth behind the sales message.

I have created a load of products over the years. I have built my business and reputation on 5 main principles: –

  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Products / Systems That Work
  • My Personal Integrity

Don’t just take my word for it though. If you are following me or are thinking about it. Have a look at what just some of my customers are saying about me, my products, the success and money they have made as a result of using my training packages and software.

United KingdomHussain Ravji

Hussain has become a very successful marketer since using my SEO Breakthrough package. He has been able to work on major sites such as The BBC as well as a number of local government websites.

AustraliaWilson Tiong

Wilson was able to make an impressive hard hitting $10,000 affiliate commission in just a couple weeks. This level of commission he was able to continue as he was working on his campaign.



Ravi applied my training and after 9 months, was able to build up an affiliate commission in excess of $70,000.

Testimonial from Ravi

AustraliaTony Adams

Tony is an amazing student. He came in and started using my training package. At the time, he knew nothing about online marketing. However, after using the training and tools, within 3 months he had achieved amazing results. He now makes an impressive top end Five Figure income month after month.


United KingdomMeka

Meka is a really nice guy that has achieved great results. However, he is a typical student, not any different than any of my other students, but he applied the training, and is making over $12,000 every month. He has achieved the success he was hoping for when he purchased my package.

Testimonial from Meka

USABrad Travers

Brad is a customer that does the work. He follows the training and as a result, gets amazing results. Here, Brad was able to follow the training and get his client ranking in multiple positions on the 1st page of Google.



Jake is a professional in his field. He wanted to expand his knowledge and purchased my SEO training package. After applying the teaching, Jake was able to make $10,000 straight out the gate after going through the training.



Oliver is a model student. He follows everything step by step. He is a doer of the training. After going through the product training, he has been able to achieve impressive results and is an example of a typical student that is able to go from no where to success in a very short space of time. All of this part time too!



Sjoerd has followed my training exactly to letter. He has been active in my support group and I have helped him along the way. Now, Sjoerd is crushing it! His income is soaring, and he is achieving an impressive level of success, and that’s what my training is all about.

Testimonial from Sjoerd


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