How To Make Money Online When You Are Not An Expert

Author: Chris Cantell

When searching for the keyword “Make money online” or “How to make money online” on Google, you will find more than 4 BILLION results!

It’s not a big surprise, since along with the boom of the internet – Making Money Online (MMO) has become an extraordinarily popular way to earn extra income or even become an online professional.

Especially during the catastrophe of COVID-19, when many people are locked down home, grabbing an online job was an ideal way to make ends meet.

To newcomers in the MMO arena, it may not be as simple as it looks. MMO might be confusing and learning where and how to work it or even where to start could seem daunting. There are loads of online job portals, but there are also tons of people globally looking for online work.

All of these factors could make MMO look less appealing, but I am here to help. Even if this is your first read on the subject, I am telling you that there are options, both today, and for the future with online work.

Warning About MMO Opportunities

Not An Expert

I am writing this post as someone that was able to go from a complete newbie to making money online to where I am now, where I have achieved financial freedom.

I now make more in just one month what many people earn in 2 or 3 years. I am not saying this to brag, but to encourage you to go ahead and look in to making an income online. However, I am warning you to beware of pitfalls. There are so many routes you can go down. Many will seem irresistible and almost too good to be true. I need to warn you, that so many of those “so called” opportunities online actually ARE too good to be true, and you should be cautious about diving in.

I am a veteran expert at trying out online money-making opportunities, and I can tell you that most programs you will come across simply won’t work. It is not that they don’t necessarily work, but most of the time, there are obstacles in the way for the majority of people to make the opportunity work.

What I Did To Become Financially Independent (Even Though I Wasn’t An Expert)

When I came online 20 years ago. I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I saw a ton of money-making ideas. Pretty much all of them were scams and I soon became wise to those. I tried different things over the years. Some “Make Money Online” opportunities worked for me, others tanked. I soon figured that I had to figure it all out myself and come up with my own system / method.

Now I am a typical person on the internet that wants to be successful. I have no special abilities or skills. So I am probably like most people reading this article. However, I did have determination and I was willing to take action.

I was not an expert at anything online. I had ability as a salesman which I had done for a number of years prior. However, when I approached the MMO arena, I was unskilled.

I decided that the first place for me to start was to learn something. I needed to find a field that was online where people paid money to either receive a service that I could learn. I had a look around and at the time, I thought to myself that if I could figure out how to rank websites, there would potentially be big money in that. Now I could have picked a dozen number of other expert avenues to go down such as learning any of the following topics: –

The list could go on and on. Anyway, I decided on SEO. Over the months ahead, I learned about the subject online. I figured out what worked and what didn’t by trial and error. By the end of a 6 month period, I had become an “expert” (or semi expert) in SEO. I started ranking websites on Google and started making a decent amount of money from ranking local business websites.

Anyway, I won’t go in to detail about my own story here. You can read more on me on my post titled “How I Started To Make Money Online – My Story

The point I am trying to make is that if you are not an expert, you shouldn’t let that stop you going after your goals. You can learn stuff and become an expert and go on to make your income from there.

My Personal Recommendation For Non Experts

As I said above, you should train yourself to become an expert by learning. As one that

struggled online for over 10 years, I have learned a lot and I am happy to give you my advice and help you avoid those wasted years.

Become An Expert By Learning

You have to learn how to do something. The best way to do this is to get hold of an exceptionally high quality training that teaches you how to do something. It will be a Make Money Online training from an expert in the field you want to go down.

My expertise was found in SEO. I developed it further and created a strategy that would later prove to be extremely powerful. I put my own strategy in to operation and the results were unbelievable. Seriously, If I told you what I achieved financially in just 5 months, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I showed my strategy to many other people. Many of those people were NOT experts at all. Not at all! However, I ended up getting numerous emails and messages on Messenger of people that had followed my training and had made their own fortune.

These people then, what had they done? Well, basically, they had done what I am saying you

should do. They were not experts, so they decided to learn and become knowledgeable in my subject.

They then applied what I taught, which is what I had learned and figured out, and it worked for them.

Here are some messages I received, and there are many, many more of these

So these people followed this plan, even though, at the time, they didn’t realize it: –

My Invitation To You

Please feel free to read the rest of this article. However, if what I have said resonates with you, then I would like to invite you to watch my free training webinar that goes in to specific detail about what I have mentioned so far. All you need to do is click on the button below. Have a look at what the training is all about and jump on the webinar. It is “Free Training”, and you will get a lot out of it, and it will likely be the start of your journey to financial freedom, like it has been for so many of my other students.


Making Money Online – Getting Started

Now whether you jump on the webinar or not, I want to go on to give you further guidance. After all, you might just be in the early stages of discovering what is possible or you want to figure out a few things before taking any specific directions and I know that there is so much noise on the internet and if you are brand new, it can all seem quite daunting.

Well, I can totally understand feeling intimidated by MMO and the mass information that is out there. The industry is huge, and many jobs are only there for people with specialist skills.

However, don’t be intimidated by anyone or the mass information!

I’m going to show you how you can start making money online, even if you think you can’t right now. First of all, it should be emphasized again there are lots of things that can be done online, some of which might be new to you.

To be 100% honest, “too many options” lures you into a maze.

To get started, your first question should be:

“What are my personal capabilities, skills, and life experiences?”

It’s hard to imagine a person who has no knowledge, no talents, or no hobbies at all. You may not be a MMO expert, but you probably understand something about other popular topics or industries.

Let’s take a step-by-step self-evaluation to gain more information about what you could do to MMO. Even simple skills can be sold online, and with the right clients, could produce enough income in your life to make a difference.

Step 1. Review your profession and talents

I believe anyone who is seeking an opportunity to earn money on the internet already has some valuable skills. You may have some experience as a full-time office worker, or as a self-employed person. The first place to look when you want to MMO is in areas you already know.

What Skills Do You Have

For example, if you are an accountant, you may be able to help small companies complete their financial statements, perhaps on a remote basis. If you know a lot about heavy machinery, you may be able to help a construction company with buying and maintaining their fleet from home.

Sometimes, you don’t even need expertise, good skills are enough!

If you were excellent at a subject back in college, you may be able to create a virtual tutor class, or teach English online in nations where it is a second language. There are also translation and interpretation projects available for anyone that has that skill set.

Don’t waste your talents, they are valuable and could be your next career. You don’t have to limit yourself to one path, and many of these skills can be used in a few different areas.

Step 2. Utilize your personal hobbies or start selling online

You might already be sitting on a great online business, and not even know it. If you have a hobby that produces some sort of amazing, handcrafted object, you can make part of your MMO plan.

Instead of just doing it in your spare time and giving the products away as gifts, you can sell your creations online and collect more orders via the internet. If you like to write, there are freelance positions for websites, magazines, or blogs that can pay a good amount of money.

Similarly, starting an online business for secondhand objects is another idea that’s worth looking into, especially for shopaholics.

If it is time to sort out and tidy up your home, you may find your old clothes that don’t fit anymore, forgotten accessories, obsolete cellphone models, or anything else that could be sold in an online marketplace like eBay.

Auctions are a great way to ‘force a sale’, and the market that eBay has is huge. There are other selling platforms like Etsy for things you make, and all of these sites pay out in real money.

Step 3. Start from scratch

So…if you do not have a profession…no marketable skills…hobbies or assets either?

Don’t give up!

There are still tons of online jobs, some of which don’t require special qualifications and are open for people with a basic level of education. There are loads of opportunities for people who can do data entry, proofreading, survey taking or other simple tasks.

Starting with these tasks isn’t a bad choice for non-experts, however, you shouldn’t expect to make loads of money at first.

You can use these basic jobs as a starting point to move higher, as you learn more skills and better understand the MMO marketplace.

The internet offers unlimited resources to acquire new knowledge and techniques, so you can learn profitable skills with little money.

Turning MMO dreams into reality

I know this may all sound a little abstract, but you need to have a good idea of what you can start doing online to make money before you start looking at the websites that allow you to connect with potential clients.

Let’s surf through the most popular and possible platforms that will help you turn your abilities into a paycheck!

ArrowFreelancing Websites

Platforms like,, and are powerful shortcuts connecting you with employers. You can create an account and upload your profile there (some require that you apply), along with a list of your preferred work categories. People with jobs can look up profiles and contact you based on your information, or you can actively browse through published advertisements and bid on a suitable project.

Arrow Social Networks

Apart from communication and entertainment purposes, social sites are good channels to approach potential online jobs. Following an agency Fan page or joining a Facebook group will give you more chances to catch fresh announcements. You can also send a direct message to potential customers and present yourself. Social networking is also a great way to expand your list of connections and improve your skills!

ArrowYour Own Connections

It may sound traditional, but again, don’t lose any possible resources you already have. Especially if your background in a field isn’t solid, a private network is very helpful. In addition, personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances also increase the possibility of winning a slot at a new job (don’t be shy – as your connections for a positive personal write-up).

Here are some suggestions to raise your success rate when going after an online job:

ArrowHave A Self-Marketing Strategy And Make Your CV Shine

Employers quickly evaluate candidates based on a published profile. Be sure to highlight all your strong points, from your life and work experience to your passion for the area you want to work in. Sending a message to clients is encouraged, and you need to be on point. Show your ability and enthusiasm to fulfill their needs!

ArrowUpgrade Your Skills And Expertise

The more capable you are, the wider the options for you to select from. If you aren’t finding the right jobs, take some time and build up your skill set. Look for ways you can learn for free (YouTube rocks for this).

ArrowEnrich Your Network

The more people you know, the more likely you are to find a job with your network. There are lots of ways to build up a strong network, and you should think about how you are doing this everyday.

Let’s talk about what it takes to make it as an online professional. I know you have read a lot in this article, and you may have some questions.

Here are some ideas you should always keep in mind (I mean always

ArrowConcentrate On Quality

No matter what you do, always commit to providing the best quality that is possible. Throw away ideas like “This is just a temporary job.” By delivering a good product, you will learn skills that will take you good places. Not every client will be happy, but this is just part of any business.

ArrowBe Patient.

Stop daydreaming about making large amounts of money in a short time.

ArrowBe Able To Evaluate Customers

Scammers are everywhere on the web, so be extra careful when talking with a new person. Learning to validate their identity and projects is essential to prevent losses, or worse, helping a dishonest person get ahead.


You might not be a MMO expert, but I know that you can find something out there that is a good fit for your present skill level. Don’t worry if you spend some time looking for opportunities and come up short at first.

With time and effort – anything is possible!


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