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Refund Policy

Please know that we stand 100% behind our Guarantee.

Please note the terms of the guarantee as listed on the page from which you purchased, reproduced here:


If you find that Money Online Blueprint is not for you, then we will give you a full 100% money refund on the basis that you let us know prior to the 2nd subscription payment being taken.

30 days refund guarantee mean that a refund will be give if requested up to the 30th day and not including the 30th day. The day you purchase is the 1st day, so if you purchase on the 1st of June and you request a refund on the 1st July, that would take it to 31 days, so you would not be entitled to a refund. You would have to request your refund therefore by or on the 30th June at the latest.

Fast Action Bonuses

If you qualify as a "Fast Action Bonus" customer, you can request the bonuses we offer with in the 30 day guarantee period. However, if you request the bonuses by sending in the request forms in the members area of the website under the "Fast Action Bonuses" pages under the Nav Bar heading "Software & Bonuses", and after submitting the form you request a refund of your purchase of Money Online Blueprint. We will still honor your refund request if the request is made with in the 30 day period as detailed above, but we will deduct the value of the "Fast Action Bonuses" you have requested. The values of the bonuses are shown on the "Fast Action Bonus" product pages in the members area and also here below: -

Press Release Value: $259 (See Press Cable)

Guest Post Value: $625 (The guest posts cost $125 for us to write and publish on guest post sites)

If your request for refund is within the 30 day period, we will provide you with a prompt full refund of the purchase value.

Regarding the monthly subscription payments. You won't have been charged any subscription payments if you cancel within the 30 days, so the refund will apply to the purchase value you paid for the Money Online Blueprint package.

We feel that this refund policy and guarantee is a reasonable and fair and is also clear and unambiguous.

All the best,
Chris Cantell


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