How Much Do Bloggers Get Paid For Sponsored Posts?

Author: Chris Cantell

Ready to make money from your blog? I get this question a lot so let’s take a look…

What Are Sponsored Blog Posts?

A sponsored blog post looks like any other post on a blogger’s website and should have the same tone and editorial feel. The big distinction is that a brand is paying the blogger to establish the post.

Generally, a sponsored post is an optimized piece of content that a client, (you for example), has paid to a blogger so that the blogger writes and publishes a post on their blog about the subject you want them to write about.

There are various different types of sponsored posts including:

  1. Links added to existing content
  2. Reviews
  3. Hosting a giveaway
  4. Articles written by the sponsor and posted on the blog
  5. Articles written by the blogger with guidelines provided by the business

Note that along with sponsored blog posts, many of these companies will pay for social media posts and YouTube videos covering the same types of content.

How Do I Set My Blog Up To Offer Sponsored Posts?

Although it would be great to get order to your new blog for a load of sponsored posts, unfortunately, people / companies willing to pay for that are looking to get as much exposure to their brand for their dollar spend as possible. They are looking for blogs with lots of traffic and engagement.

Therefore, if you’d like to start getting orders from companies and other webmasters, you need to get your blog to a higher levels, such as: –

How much traffic does a site need to offer sponsored posts

1.    Your blog will need to get a lot of traffic – Using online marketing strategies, work to build a steady stream of accumulating monthly visitors. Carry out SEO on your blog so that all your blog posts increase in search engine visibility and where all your posts increase in rank across all the search engines. Also, consider driving traffic using the Pinterest platform.

How much domain authority does a site need to offer sponsored posts

2.    Build your domain authority – Domain authority is a measure on how likely your site will show up in Google Search. You want to strive for a domain authority of 30 or over, which will open more opportunities for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a DA(Domain Authority) of 20, but you can charge more for a DA (that’s 30 or more. You build your domain authority with great content that uses SEO to help Google index and rank it.

Do I need a social media following in order to offer sponsored posts

3.    Increase your social media following. Even if you’re not paid to post on social media, many companies use your social media following to measure your scope and impact. Add an advertising page to your blog that outlines information about your target audience (demographics), your current stats such as page views, domain authority, and anything else that gives you authority, such as media appearances. You should also outline the types of sponsorships you take, prices, and any policies you have.

Professional looking blog

4.    Your blog should look professional – If your blog looks amateurish, then businesses won’t want that blog to represent them. It is not good for their brand image

How Much Do Bloggers Get Paid For Sponsored Posts

Typically, the amount of money bloggers get paid for sponsored posts are lower than you might expect. I’ve noticed this in other blogger surveys and whilst it’s never in my interest to discourage bloggers from aiming high; many of you asked to see this, so I have published the results as I have them. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide the amount you should charge.
Basic fee to charge

The important thing to remember when deciding what you should charge, is to make sure you have a tier system in place. What I mean by this is that you should not offer a “one price fits all” pricing set up. There may be a whole load of differences from one sponsored post requirement to another. You should therefore not have a single set flat fee in place when you don’t know what the deliverables are going to be. For example, your client may have something particular in mind regarding the post deliverable, such as what is included within the published post.

Your pricing needs to be based on the following: –

  • How many photos?
  • How many words?
  • How many links of their choice?
  • Do they expect social support at that price?
  • Do they want a email sent out to your list?

Then, you need to give them at least two or three options: a standard, a middling and a premium rate.

For example:

A Standard Price:

Might include a blog posts only, consisting of 500 words, 1 image, no social support, one link of their choice.

A Middling Price:

Might include a blog posts, consisting of 500 words, 1 or 2 images, some social support (e.g. a tweet or a story linking to the post) – or it could be a guaranteed ‘inclusion’ (e.g. a photo of and paragraph about the product and link of their choice) in a post shared with other brands.

A Premium Rate Price:

Should be your all-singing, all-dancing “feature post”. The blog post will focus solely on the brand and/or its product(s). The fee will include social support in the form of 1-2 tweets, an Instagram post, and stories with swipe-up links.

You will also need to factor in additional costs per extra 100 words so the client can determine the length of post.

What Should I Charge For A Sponsored Post

I don’t think you should ever charge less than $100 for a blog post. It’s not worth it. There is a fair amount of effort involved in the whole process, and if your blog has any authority or reasonable amount Minimum fee to chargeof traffic coming to it, then the client is getting a great deal for such a low cost.

$100 should be your starting price for a fresh written sponsored post. However, If the client is simply looking for link insertion (also known as a niche edit), then you can charge less, depending on how much traffic and authority your site has. For link placement (niche edits), you can charge anything from $25 to $1,000 just for the one link placement in an already established blog post.

If a client has actually approached you and is asking for your price to do a post. They will probably already know site stats such as: –

  • Page views
  • Unique visitors
  • What countries most of your traffic comes from
  • The authority of your blog. DA30+ is good, DA40+ is very good and DA50+ is excellent

The basics to start with are your (unique) page views. Make sure you have Google Analytics installed so you can track them. Taking an average from the last 12 months

Charge more for a high DA. Charge more for high traffic. Charge more if you’ve worked with some major brands.

To give you a pricing range then of what you could potentially charge for a sponsored post, here are some guidelines: –

What to charge based on domain authority and traffic

Sponsored Blog Post Rates Based On Domain Authority

These are the rates you could charge for a standard sponsored blog post based on your blogs domain authority: –

  • DA20 to DA29 with at least 3,000 visitors per month: $100 – $150
  • DA30 to DA39 with at least 10,000 visitors per month: $150 – $200
  • DA40 to DA49 with at least 25,000 visitors per month: $250 – $350
  • DA50 to DA59 with at least 100,000 visitors per month: $350 – $500
  • DA60+ with at least 1,000,000 visitors per month: $750 – $1,000

Note: These figures are just for guidance to point you in the right direction.

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