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Chris CantellLet me introduce myself. My name is Chris Cantell. This is my site and where I offer my expertise, recommendations and advice.

Here, you will be able to discover key insights and gems – gold nuggets if you like, on how to make a lot of money on the internet.

Before you can seriously listen to anything I have to say, you need to really understand where I have come from and what I have achieved. Only then, can you even start to take me seriously as an individual that actually has not only a story to tell, but someone that has gone from nowhere to success in a short space of time. That’s what this page is all about.

OK, although I have made achievements, I am really no one special. That’s the first thing I need to say. However, my story is of interest, because the path I have gone down and success I have achieved is something that anyone can do and achieve. I say this because if I can do it, so can anyone else that applies them self.

My Beginnings

I was born in the UK and grew up with a secondary education. I basically graduated from high school and that’s about it. With very few high school qualifications, I went from job to job for a few years. Each job I took, I applied myself and equipped myself to succeed in the next (even if I didn’t realize it at the time). I eventually landed a job at Marshall Amplification as an electronics test engineer. This was a great job for me, because I had become a half decent rock guitarist. I stayed there for a number of years and became one of the top engineers.

In the years that followed, I moved on from the electronics and in to electronic security systems. I started in engineering and soon moved in to sales. I wanted to become “great” in sales, because this is where I saw the money. I taught myself everything I could about successful selling and studied numerous books on the subject.

Rising to the Top in Business

I won a job with a large international security company and applied my self-taught sales training. I have to say that I was surrounded by “impressive salesmen”, and I was a bit intimidated by them. For me, they seemed impressive because they told me they were. I was new to this whole thing and a bit naive. I believed them and realized I was well out of my depth. However, as the months moved on, those “impressive salesmen” that had told me how good they were got fired for not performing. Me however, applied what I had taught myself and started to climb the salesman leader board for the company. After just 12 months of being with the company, I had become the companies most successful salesman, making more sales for the company than any other sales person. It was then, that I realized that I was able to do this stuff. All I had done was learn how to do it and apply myself. I remember telling one of the “impressive” salesmen that I was learning how to sell by reading these books. He said “you don’t need to do that stuff, you just need to sell”. Hmm… That didn’t help me, and after a few weeks, that person got fired for not performing in his sales role. That was a key learning point for me, and I knew that I was doing the right thing. I learned a key principle that I would hold close to me, and that was “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge empowered me to success.

I continued in the security and joined different companies over the years. I managed to remain top salesman generally. Not every year, but most years.

One of the companies I worked for moved in to international security and anti-terrorist systems. My role with the company was in marine security among other roles. A tender came in for a high-profile installation. The project required a diver detection system to be installed together with an enemy diver disruption system. The disruption system was to enable the operator to communicate with the enemy diver and to activate, if necessary, the disruption system that would prevent the diver from moving forward.

This tender was the turning point in my professional life. There was not a system available on the market at that time that would meet the requirements. I knew that and realized that if I could design a system that could do the job, I would win the project. From my time spent in electronics at Marshall Amplification, I had learned specifics that I could apply to this disruption system. I put together a product in concept and presented it to the company CEO. He realized in concept that it would work. I put it in to prototype and tested it. The prototype was a success. It did work! I then submitted my tender and subsequently, won the $1,000,000 project. The product went on to be installed elsewhere around the world.

Big Realization

After all those years of working myself towards an early grave, I realized that I was making these company directors and shareholders fatter, but for me, even though I was a top salesman, my remuneration was rubbish. In the UK, sales doesn’t really pay that well. Not where I worked anyway. I decided that it was time to work for myself. This wasn’t going to be an easy step, because I was virtually broke. I realized that I had been living hand to mouth like everyone else I knew. But regardless, I knew that I had to make my own business work.

It All Changed

It was the beginning of 2011. I decided to enter the world of online marketing. I knew then that if I could master online marketing, I could achieve an ever-increasing income. The internet was the future for me. I decided to do the same process that I had done in the security sector and studied the most up to date marketing techniques and fields that made impressive amounts of money. After a little while, I had learned enough to start my online career.

My Online Marketing Story

The area I had decided to work in was search engine optimization. My theory was that if I could master this field, I could make a good living at it. I soon became proficient at it and started contacting my first initial clients.

As I hadn’t got any SEO results that proved I could actually rank websites on Google, I decided that I should rank my own site. I didn’t want to waste a shot, so I decided to create a site that I could rank on Google and rent out to a client. The first company I contacted said they would rent my site if I got it ranking on the first page of Google. I went ahead and within 2 months, I got it ranking for their main phrase and others. They became my first client, and my successes grew from there.

After a year or so, I had accumulated many clients and I achieved page 1 rankings on Google for all of them. In 2012, I decided to create my own SEO product and sell to other SEO individuals that wanted to rank websites. My 1st product was a software. I sold it on an international forum, and I was amazed at the number of sales I had made. For the next 12 months, I would launch other more sophisticated software packages. Each of those sold better than the last.

By the beginning of 2013, I had decided to develop a complex software and video based SEO training package called SEO Breakthrough. This took me around 11 months to complete working on it pretty much full time. This was a big risk for me, because by the time the package was complete, I was broke again. I had spent too long developing this system and had mostly stopped earning any money. I did feel that I had gone in too deep. The project was big, and too big for me to handle on my own. I teamed up with another Brit that was in the SEO marketing field at the time. His name is John Pearce. I launched the package in December 2013. The package and sales were a sensation. Within 5 months, we had turned over in excess of $1,000,000 and continued to go strong.

I actually went from broke to a $7-Figure income in 5 months! It was staggering.


The sales achievement was one part of the success story. Equally as impressive were the countless number of testimonies we were getting from customers that purchased my package that told their success stories. Here are just a few:


Testimonial from Ravi


My Personal Observations

For me, working for an employer was not going to bring me job fulfillment or financial independence. I realize that some people work for the vocation and love their jobs. For me, I realized that it is only possible to reach my goals if I worked for myself.

History of My Product Development to Date

I have been extremely pleased with the success I and my customers have had. During my product development career, I have developed / created numerous products. All of these have been of the highest standard and design and include:

Enforcer – 2005
Underwater enemy diver disruption / communications system. Deployed to various governmental / military locations around the world

EDU Master – 2012
SEO Software to enable users to post promotional SEO articles to high authority .EDU sites to enable them to rank websites on Google

Anchor Text Generator – 2012
SEO software that generates perfect anchor text HTML. User enters their phrase and URL and the software creates the code

SEO Sniper – 2013
Advanced SEO Software to enable people to post their articles to multiple high authority platform sites and enable them to rank websites on Google

SEO Breakthrough – 2013
SEO training package with Software to enable people to rank websites on Google

PBNA – 2014
An SEO package that provided a powerful rank boost for websites on Google

SEO Recovery – 2014
SEO training package with Software to enable websites to come out of a Google penalty

Mini Site Auto Pilot – 2015
An SEO package that provided powerful rank boost for websites on Google

Power Ranker – 2015
Advanced SEO Software to enable people to post articles on same niche high authority sites that have high page authority. Powerful software to rank websites on Google

The Protector Plugin – 2016
An SEO plugin that maximizes SEO effect on specific sites and also maximizes security against Google penalty

Wikipedia Link Master – 2017
Software that enables user to discover opportunities to get a backlink from Wikipedia, then semi automates the process of publishing the backlink to Wikipedia

Phoenix Site Restorer / Builder – 2017
Software that builds / restores entire websites. This is currently the most advanced product of its kind available worldwide

SALSA – 2017
SEO Software campaign management tool that instructs the user step by step in running and managing a successful SEO campaign

Guest Post Assistant – 2017
SEO data tool that enables a user to discover high authority guest post opportunities in their niche. The software allows the user to be able to contact the guest post admin. All opportunities get auto approval

Relevant Keyword Master – 2018
Software that provides expert phrases for any keyword entered. The software works in accordance with Google patented search engine algorithm that Google uses to determine expert relevant phrase

Latest Products

These are the latest and most current product since 2021

Money Online Blueprint
Training package with advanced “Done For You” products (including a fully designed high converting blog built for the user). The training shows all the steps to enable the user to launch a blog in any niche and make a full time income and beyond. This is probably the most advance package of its kind

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