7 Steps to Make a 6 Figure Annual Income on the Internet

Author: Chris Cantell

There is so much noise on the internet telling you to do this or do that and you will make your fortune on the internet. I have been in this industry for years and have seen it all. I can honestly say that if you followed all the advice of all the “so called guru’s” you would be broke, or even worse than broke and in debt. The problem with the internet and marketing, is that it is 90% un regulated. This means that potentially, anyone can promote some scammy system on line and say it will make a ton of money in just a few weeks with just 1 hours work per day. Actually, there are so many products, systems and packages just like this out there that the choice is a real mine field.

Word of Caution: If you see a claim like this or similar to it, you should click the X as fast as you can. Don’t get sucked in to pipe dreams like this. They are not real and are impossible to achieve. Only unscrupulous people push these kind of packages and play on the desires of people new to the scene that hope for such a dream.

OK, if you want to make a six-figure annual income, you are going to have to average just over $8,000 per month, or just under $2,000 per week. That sounds more achievable than $100,000 per annum for some reason. Let me tell you now, that it is absolutely achievable for someone that puts their mind to it, to make a six figure annual income.

There are many routes you could go down, multiple niches you could enter, but which ever route you choose, the steps to success and that financial independence are the same. I have laid out these steps for you to follow, and so long as you apply them, you will have the rail lines to run on to make that six figure annual income.

The 7 Steps

It might sound obvious, but for a dream to materialize, you need to make it happen. This requires you to take action. Taking action means that you carry out the following seven steps: –

1. Develop the right mindset
2. Find a method that makes money – one that is proven to work
3. Follow the training step by step & launch your business
4. Remain focused and have patience
5. Avoid the disillusionment cycle
6. Scale up your business to increase your profits
7. Don’t give up

Step 1: Develop The Right Mindset

Before you even start, you need to believe that you can make $100,000 per year in your business. You have to believe that you can succeed, or you are going to be handicapping yourself and making it harder to achieve.

This figure might seem unachievable and you can’t see how you could possibly earn that. The key however, is to believe that you can make it, and it is something you can build up to. You might not make $100,000 in your first year. In your first year, you will be setting things up, getting your name known, building a reputation. All those things take time. The path to success is to start with the first step and build your business step by step.

Back to the mindset. Now that you know that there is no pressure on you to achieve the six figure goal in a record time, you can focus on the positive steps and program your mind to become positive. A positive mind that sets achievable goals (even if they might seem distant) has a high chance to turn those dreams and goals in to a reality. On the contrast, if you don’t believe your goal is achievable, or your doubt you can do it, you won’t have the required drive or determination to make it happen and succeed.

Step 2: Find a Method That Makes Money – One That is Proven to Work

You have to find a money making system or method that works. You can go to Google or YouTube to find articles or videos and lots of people do that. However, you should not base your business goals on a video that promised you success. It is too random and usually unsubstantiated and incomplete. You need to find a complete system from start to finish that one person has put together that works. Here, you have continuity of method and a complete blueprint that you can apply. The package you follow should have testimonials from other people like you that are saying that the system works. You need to have that feedback and proof from others so that you can have confidence in the package you are going to follow to make your money online.

Step 3: Follow the Training & Apply Yourself Step By Step

When you have decided on the package you are going to work with, you must go through the training, understand it and most importantly, carry out the first steps. Complete everything as the training teaches and launch your business.

Keep Calm and Stay FocusedStep 4: Remain Focused & Have Patience

Most importantly, stay focused. Avoid distractions. There are so many distractions that will either slow you down or at worst, completely derail you.

A bit of advice, if you like chatting with friends on Facebook or other platforms, you should switch them off when you are working. They will smash your productivity to bits. Other distractions will be emails from other marketers. This is inevitable in this industry. You will get bombarded by emails with all kinds of offers. You need to stay focused on your business, and don’t get tempted to look at other packages that have incredibly appealing headlines. They are not going to help you at all. They will only distract and cause you to stumble. I will say it again, stay focused.

Also, be patient. Your business needs to grow, and it might take a bit of time, and in many cases, it will probably take longer for you to make the success and goals than you initially thought. Don’t worry about that though. The fact that you are working with a proven system, you have the right mindset / determination and you are taking action will mean that you will succeed.

Step 5: Avoid The Disillusionment Cycle

The disillusioned cycle is a very real and dangerous thing. It is your enemy. It will derail you faster than anything, and it is something you must avoid.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned the importance of step 1, that you needed to develop the right mindset. You need to continually develop this mindset. Improve and hone it so that when the negative times hit you, you have a strong positive foundation that will take you through the times when things might not be as fast as you hoped, or the sales are not coming in as fast as you thought they would.

Typically, people get disillusioned because the results they are achieving don’t match up with the “You Could Earn This Much” from the product sales page together with the earnings testimonials that set an achievement expectation within your mind, which is totally understandable.

Usually, these product packages make you think results will happen faster than they actually do in reality. This is partly due to the testimonials that the product creator showed in the sales page. Testimonials show that results are possible, but typically, the testimonials that are added to the sales pages are the most impressive results. The thing to be aware of is that although the results may be achievable, as only the most outstanding testimonials get shown on the sales page, they are probably not typical results.

The thing you need to factor in your mind is that you are going to run with the system, and you ARE going to succeed. If things take longer than you thought they would, don’t get disillusioned. If you allow yourself to get disillusioned or despondent, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Disillusionment Cycle

Disillusionment makes you doubt yourself, or the system you are following. Typically, you might start to panic, or try other things that are different to what you have been taught in the training. One thing leads to another and you start to lose focus of your goals, your business and your dreams. I have seen this with hundreds of people, and it is really sad. As the loss of focus sets in, SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) becomes so appealing and you might typically start chasing after other products or packages, and the next step will be that you risk abandoning your business you have started for something else. The next step is instant, and you will have failed at your business and you will be no better off than when you started.

The thing is, the same cycle of disillusionment will probably take place again. It’s one of those things. If you let the cycle happen once, you will probably let it happen again, and you end up falling in the same trap unless you set in place the right mindset to overcome it.

Step 6: Scale Up Your Business to Increase Your Profits

When you have got your business going and have been able to make a bit of money. You will have made a monumental achievement. It means that you have succeeded. You have been able to make money online. Now all you need to do is scale up what you did to make that money so that you scale up your earnings and profits.

A good product training package should provide you with a way to scale your business.

Step 7: Don’t Give Up

During the process from start to wherever you are in the business you will probably have times when you just want to quit. That is quite natural. We all get fed up from time to time, or things go wrong, and it all gets a bit too much. Problems happen, it’s life. Success is defined on how you respond to problems and setbacks. The right response for your success is to NOT give up.

Never Give Up!

What Product Training Package Should You Use?

It all depends on which niche you want to enter. There are many niches, but the most profitable niches are typically the following: –

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You need to select a niche where there is a lot of money spent. My niche is the “Make Money Online” niche. However, there are many niches you could also enter to make a lot of money with.

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