28 Top Online Business Ideas for 2020 to Make 10K per Month

Author: Chris Cantell

Starting an online business has never been easier, or more advantageous – with the development and growth of the internet there are now numerous options with many benefits to starting an online business today!

There are many plus sides to working online – the most obvious being financial freedom. There are other great possibilities too, including: –

  • Enjoy working from your own home
  • Work whilst travelling
  • Work whilst living abroad (the nomadic / work lifestyle)
  • Not being tied to a desk
  • Not having to account to a boss
  • Being completely free to work the hours you want, when you want

Basically, it is a dream flexible lifestyle that you control.

Starting your own online business often requires a minimal start-up cost. Compare that against starting up a bricks and mortar business or $1,000,000 franchise and you can see the low risk in comparison.

As you grow your business and your experience, you may wish to invest more money in state-of-the-art equipment, but in the beginning you usually just need a good computer and a stable internet connection. In fact, many people have managed to start an online business for less than $50 – which is usually just the cost of purchasing a domain name and a hosting service.

To be successful with your own online business you will have to teach yourself a few new skills, but in this day and age, you can get everything you need online!

There are many benefits to starting an online business. But what if you are looking for your business to earn you big bucks? Say, 10K per month?

This narrows the number of online business ideas somewhat. As Elaine Pofeldt points out in The Million Dollar, One-Person Business successful businesses fall into six categories:

  1. Content Creation & Outsourcing
  2. Real Estate
  3. Consulting/ Tutoring
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Creative Businesses
  6. Manufacturing

Let’s now consider each category, and the options of online business in each, in more detail.

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Content Creation & Outsourcing

Content creation - blog

Idea #1: Social Media Influencer

Become a social media influencer. Social media influencers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter earn money through affiliate marketing – this means that they sell other businesses products and services for a fee. This can be in a number of niches, from beauty products to fashion items, to technology and gadgets to sports gear. You’re essentially a 100% commission salesperson!

Idea #2: YouTuber

Start a YouTube Channel. Like being a social media influencer, you can start a channel in any niche and then begin recommending products. You can earn over $10,000 per month if you have enough subscribers who consistently click through your affiliate marketing links!

Idea #3: Blogging

Start a passive income (that is, income without doing anything at all!). Get started with a good niche and name for your blog, and then focus on creating quality content, learning about marketing and get earning!

Idea #4: Podcasting

Podcasting. A lot like Social Media, Youtubing and blogging, podcasting is a great online business that can earn you money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships and adverts. All you need is a great channel idea, and then you can get going creating podcasts in your niche, whether that’s comedy, lifestyle, stories or languages (to name a few!). You can expand into different revenue models too, like offering subscriptions and coaching.

Idea #5: Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant. This is a lot like being a secretary, only you work remotely, performing administrative tasks for small business owners, NGOS or executives. There are many paths you can take with this genre, so get Googling to learn more!

Idea #6: Fiverr

You can start your own lucrative business on Fiverr where you outsource your services. You can make big money here if you are offering a profession well executed popular service. You can get set up reasonably quickly and get consistent orders in just a matter of weeks. You just need to find a service or services to fulfil. Learn and become proficient at delivering high quality and then market that service on Fiverr.

Idea #7: Freelance Writing

Become a freelance writer, writing articles for businesses. Companies can pay hundreds of dollars for a well written article. To get started, you can approach companies and offer to write articles for them for free. When you find companies that agree, you can say that you will do the article in return for a review / testimonial. The articles you write will need to be first class content. Once you have some great reviews, you can approach other companies and offer your services for high income

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Idea #8: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is huge on the internet and there is a ton of income potential here. Affiliate marketing is where you sell other people’s products and in return, you receive a commission. Info products typically pay the best and you can get commissions ranging from 50% – 100%. You will need to learn how to do affiliate marketing and how to build an email list for best result. Once you have this know-how, the sky’s the limit as far as potential scalable income is concerned.

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Idea #9: Sell Your Own Info Products

Possibly the most lucrative online income method is where you create and sell your own online info products. This is how I made my success. If you have knowledge of how to do something, or you are an expert at a particular subject, you can create courses and or Ebooks and sell them. You would need to learn best ways to market your products, but there is plenty of resource available on the internet for that. In fact, if you are potentially interested in doing affiliate marketing or creating and selling your own info products or even blogging, which is a fantastic platform for selling either affiliate products or your own, then I recommend you watch this free video training series I have created.

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Idea #10: Email Marketing

You may have heard the phrase “The money’s in the list”. That refers to an email list. Email lists when set up and run properly can make big income. You will need to learn how to build an email list. However, once you have understood the process, you can scale to rapidly grow your email list and become financially independent.

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Real Estate / Property

Real Estate Property Investing

Idea #11: Online Property Investing

Investing in properties. This is exactly as it sounds – you purchase, improve and then rent or sell real estate to make a profit. A good website to check out when starting out is ‘Fundrise’, a crowd-sourced real estate site where you can invest in deals alongside others (for a minimum of $500). Once you get a feel for the market, you can start your own business as an investor, and start making real money!

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Consulting And Tutoring


Idea #12: Business Consultant

If you are skilled in a particular business area, you could set yourself up as a business consultant. Consulting can pay large sums. This is an area you could specialize in even if you aren’t yet an expert. You could train yourself online for example and become a consultant level expert. You could then offer your services free initially to business in return for a testimonial. For best results, you would need to have a professional looking website. If you are not already an expert in a business field, this will take many months for you to become expert level where you can be a valuable resource as a consultant for businesses to hire. You can offer your services on UpWork for example, which would be a good starting point, and LinkedIn will be good to build your network up in. You can offer your business expertise in a number of genres, from law to SEO to interior decor.

Idea #13: Resume Writing

Resume Writing. One professional resume writer even earned 320K in a year!

Idea #14: Tutoring

Tutoring is a good way forward to make a good income online. You will need to know your stuff though and at least be high level competent and better still, an expert in your subject. Usually, online tutoring groups are looking for English natives, but you can also find jobs working with other languages like French and Spanish. The top-companies offer as much as $25 per half an hour class, meaning you can easily be earning six figures per month as a full-time teacher. One teacher on VIPKID earns $9,000 per month – so close enough to 10K!

Idea #15: Therapist

Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular, with therapists charging from $30+ per 30 minute session. As a trained psychologist, you can easily begin earning whilst working from home over video chat! Obviously, some areas of therapy may be restricted under law, so you may need to be qualified in your therapy niche to be able to charge for your service and you will need to look into the law for where you reside. There is good potential income in this field.

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Idea #16: Sell Products On eBay / Amazon

Start selling on eBay or Amazon. It’s as simple as buying an asset, sourcing it from a cheap country or supplier, and then reselling it online. This is ideal if you love trolling through second hand shops, flea markets and garage sales. If you have good taste in items, you can make a packet! You will need a good knowledge of the market you are selling to, the competition, and your chosen items true value.

Idea #17: Sell Products On Etsy

Craft-lovers, rejoice! Etsy is an online platform that allows you to sell your handmade items, from jewellery to crochet to sewing. You can even sell clothes and vintage items on Etsy.

Idea #18: Sell Products on Shopify

Start a Shopify store. This handy website allows you to create your own online store and sell anything you like. A few examples are digital products like PDFs and e-books, which can be in the form of fitness training plans or cooking books. You can also sell art or graphic designs. You could also try drop-shipping, which means you sell through a third party who posts it to the customer – you are just advertising it for them!

Idea #19: Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is where you sell branded products and get them delivered from a central warehouse that you don’t own. The benefits here is that you don’t need to purchase inventory and you can run your business from home. All you need to do is have a website with the products listed and where people can purchase the products. You then need to drive visitors to your site and when you make a sale, you simply place your order with the dropshipping company where they will ship the product to the customer. This can be very lucrative. However, it will require you to have a good, well structured flow from order to delivery processing.

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Creative Businesses


Idea #20: Copywriting

Copywriting. This is related to being a writer, but is a bit more specific – you are essentially writing promotional content for businesses. This can be anything from web content to brochures, and skilled copywriters are paid a ton – top content writers earn 6 figure salaries by basing fees off sales revenues.

Idea #21: Social Media Management

Manage social media accounts. Good social media managers can charge $2,000 – $4,000 per client per month! If you can run paid social campaigns for a business, you can charge over 10K, plus a share of revenue.

Idea #22: Web Site Design / Development

Web Design is always going to be an in-demand service. All you need is some basic knowledge of websites and coding to get started and learn as you go. You can easily earn 10K once you are a well-known and established web designer. Also, this is a service you can set up and outsource your orders. You would need to make sure you get a good outsourcer. You can find people on UpWork or Fiverr, and I would recommend that you become knowledgeable about WordPress and what important with regards to web development. For example, it is crutial that websites have a fast load speed or they won’t rank well on Google, so you would need to know this kind of information so you can quiz your outsourcer and ensure you are able to source a good developer and vet them before you hired them.

Idea #23: Graphic Design

Graphic designers typically freelance their skills to interested customers in the same way as writers. Their skills are in designing logos, posters, and so on for businesses. This business opportunity works well if you advertise your services on sites such as Fiverr and UpWork.

Idea #24: Artist

Become an artist! Starting out as an artist has always been tough – but thanks to platforms like Etsy and ArtPal, you can now sell your pieces easily. You can also create merch from your art, like t-shirts and badges!

Idea #25: Photography

Photography freelancing. As simple as it sounds, you can take your photographs and sell them on stock photo sites. This can be a fun business. It would be slow at first before you started seeing income because you will need to upload masses of images. However, once they are on the stock image sites, they are there for good and the income can mount up.

You can also set up as a photographer for events, business services and wedding for example, and set up a website and offer your services online.

Idea #26: Videography

Videography freelancing is similar to photography. The opportunity to make a good income is even greater than as a photographer. With video stock footage demand on the increase, you can take advantage of this and get a foothold.

You will need to purchase a set of good cameras and most likely, a drone, and like with the photography, you would create as many videos as you can.

You can also offer your services to businesses and weddings by having a locally based website where you can promote and sell your services online.

Idea #27: App Design

App Design is a great idea. Designing apps is simpler than you might think. You don’t need to know code necessarily. It can help, but you can design an app even without knowing what is or what isn’t possible to code.

You only need to look around for ideas. When you find a good app idea, you can outsource the development on UpWork for example. You can then sell your app on app stores. You can turn these apps out frequently, and the pay-out can be big if you get an app that goes viral.

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Idea #28: Manufacturing To Sell Online

This is as simple as it sounds – you make something, and then sell it online. One couple based in Hawaii have a honey farm where they (and the bees) manufacture, jar and brand / label the product and then sell the honey online. This can be a very lucrative business setting up a hybrid bricks and mortar / online business. The honey farmers I mentioned have built a million dollar business from it!

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All of the above ideas have the potential to make 10K a month, but they often take a while to get there! However, with the right persistence, hard-work and know-how, you too can start an online business and build it, to begin earning 10K a month online!

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