The products listed below are packages created by Chris Cantell. They are exceptionally high quality products.

Most of the packages are currently available for purchase, however, 1 or 2 may be in the process of development.

If you would like to know further details of any of the products listed below, please contact Chris using the contact form.

Money Online Blueprint

Money Online Blueprint is far more than training on how to make money online. It is a business in a box that teaches you how to make in excess of $1,000 per day in your spare time doing what you love. This training is cutting edge, but it is also simple to do and anyone can be successful with this and run in their spare time to become financially independent.

I provide a wealth of proof, showing ordinary people that are making sensational monthly incomes. This training and strategy works! Furthermore, anyone can become financially independent by using this training.

If you have never made any money on the internet, or you are looking for something that works and is simple to do, then this package is for you.

Click this button if you would like to watch the FREE, No Obligation Video Training Series. Video 3 in this series outlines the full training via a content rich webinar that will show you what this amazing strategy is all about.

Money Online Blueprint
Money Online Blueprint

10K Month Affiliate

The 10K Month Affiliate is probably the best and most complete training package of its king ever to be launched in the “Make Money Online” niche.

It is an outstanding training package that goes beyond simply offering training.

In addition to detailed over the shoulder video training and a wealth of manuals, Chris has provided 6 done for you packages with a range of tools & resources where all the work has been done for you so that you can hit the road running and make your own journey to $10,000 per month in affiliate income in a short a time as possible.

Please click on this button to read more about this sensational package.

10K Month Affiliate is Coming Soon

10K Month Affiliate
10K Month Affiliate (button)

SEO Breakthrough

SEO Breakthrough is Chris’s longest established training package. This package is constantly kept up to date and includes 5 amazing software packages that are designed to assist the arduous process of ranking a website to make it simple, with least effort, and most importantly, in the least time possible whilst ensuring safe and secure methods to protect the site so that the rakings stick and avoid any penalties amid an ever changing Google.

Many students have purchased SEO Breakthrough. We have seen people become wealthy as a result of using the tools and top end training. We have seen many successful businesses become established as our members take on the training and launch what have become high earning businesses.

The number of testimonials from student that have written in with their successes is truly impressive and testimony to what is probably the most effective SEO training & Software that has ever been launched. Another masterpiece product from Chris Cantell.

SEO Breakthrough
SEO Breakthrough

Phoenix Authority Site Restorer

Phoenix is a web-based software that will restore the website of an aged domain that is no longer available on the internet. The software’s main purpose is to rebuild sites that have huge authority and to then link to other websites to provide extremely powerful backlinking.

Phoenix sites are in essence PBN sites, but far better. The software will enable the user to restore an entire website in minutes. This means that in less than 1 hour, it is possible for the user to have an insanely powerful backlink from a PBN that has a zero SEO footprint, making Phoenix the most powerful backlinking software on the planet by a clear mile.

Phoenix is a huge software product. The complexity of the coding is mind boggling. On the user side however, it is push button simple. The design of this package couldn’t be easier and the professionalism of the overall package is most impressive.

Phoenix Restored Sites