how to monetize a blog

24 Ways to Make Money Blogging & How To Monetize Your Blog in 2020

Making money from blogging seems like the dream job – you get to work from home, be completely in control of your own business, and create content on topics you really care about. It might also seem unattainable – that is, impossible to achieve! Yet more and more people are earning a living solely from blogging, so it’s perfectly possible. In fact, over the last few years, blogging has become a profitable online profession. And, like any other profession, there are different types of bloggers who earn different incomes – like lawyers, doctors, and any other sector. As a blogger, […] Read more »

My 6 Step Strategy How To Make $1,000 Per Day By Blogging

My 6 Step Strategy How To Make $1,000 Per Day By Blogging

To be honest, I hesitated to use a post title like this one. I didn't want to look spammy or unreal in any way. After all, there are so many overly hyped "methods" and even "scams" that would promise such results and I didn't want to be numbered among those. However, I decided to continue with this title anyway, because what I am going to layout in this post is NOT an unreal un-achievable thing. On the contrary, it is absolutely do able. In fact, I am achieving this and so too are thousands of other bloggers. The thing to […] Read more »

20 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

20 Popular Ways For You To Make Passive Income Online

Passive income – also known as ‘making money while you sleep’ – sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But what if there really were ways you could make money online, whilst barely lifting a finger? What if you could have money flowing in, the figures of your bank balance creeping up and up, whilst all you do is sit back and watch? It’s true – you really can make passive income. All you need is to educate yourself, develop a strategy, and get started with time, money, and hard work. Then you can sit back for the […] Read more »

How I Started To Make Money Online - My Story

How I Started To Make Money Online – My Story

What you are about to read is my own story of how I started my own 7 Figure online business. It was in 2011 that I decided to have a go at making money online. Even before that, back in the internet dark ages of the late 1990’s, I was looking online at ways of making money. I was very naive back then and looked at some wacky stuff that promised a lot but delivered nothing. We know these today as scams. I was hooked in those days at some small scams. I didn’t spend much on them, mainly because I […] Read more »

6 Simple Steps How To Use Instagram to build an email list

6 Simple Steps How To Use Instagram To Build A Big Email List

Instagram is becoming more and more popular in the present day. The social media platform now has a billion monthly users, and is expected to continue its exponential rise! According to, More than 60% of users of Instagram in the US are adults and that typically visit the site daily. 71% of the US population in the age bracket of 18-29 have an Instagram account. That is staggering. Nothing in the history of the world has gained such traction in such a short time span as Instagram and it’s growing at a huge rate! Due to the potential market […] Read more »

Top online business ideas to make 10k per month

28 Top Online Business Ideas for 2020 to Make 10K per Month

Starting an online business has never been easier, or more advantageous – with the development and growth of the internet there are now numerous options with many benefits to starting an online business today! There are many plus sides to working online – the most obvious being financial freedom. There are other great possibilities too, including: - Enjoy working from your own home Work whilst travelling Work whilst living abroad (the nomadic / work lifestyle) Not being tied to a desk Not having to account to a boss Being completely free to work the hours you want, when you want […] Read more »

7 Steps to Success

7 Steps to Make a 6 Figure Annual Income on the Internet

There is so much noise on the internet telling you to do this or do that and you will make your fortune on the internet. I have been in this industry for years and have seen it all. I can honestly say that if you followed all the advice of all the “so called guru’s” you would be broke, or even worse than broke and in debt. The problem with the internet and marketing, is that it is 90% un regulated. This means that potentially, anyone can promote some scammy system on line and say it will make a ton […] Read more »