How I Started To Make Money Online – My Story

Author: Chris Cantell

What you are about to read is my own story of how I started my own 7 Figure online business.

It was in 2011 that I decided to have a go at making money online. Even before that, back in the internet dark ages of the late 1990’s, I was looking online at ways of making money.

I was very naive back then and looked at some wacky stuff that promised a lot but delivered nothing. We know these today as scams. I was hooked in those days at some small scams. I didn’t spend much on them, mainly because I hardly had any surplus funds. Anyway, I figured out as a few years passed that the internet was going to be a way for me to make a lot more money than I was getting then in my job.

The Early Days – Planning To Make Money Online

Since the early days of the internet, I never lost the fascination of the possibility of making money on the web. My time was restricted though and so were funds. I dabbled at a few things, but nothing serious. I did research different things that people were doing to make money, but still, I didn’t take any action.

In 2003, I saw something that really resonated with me. A marketer called Chris Carpenter brought out a product called Google Cash. This was an online system that used Google AdWords to drive traffic to affiliate offers. In those days, Google had not been running AdWords for long and they had not clamped down on many of the openings to make money that were available back then. Anyway, this system really worked. This was down to the fact that clicks were really cheap, and you could drive traffic directly to affiliate offers. Google has well and truly shut that gate now. However, back then, if you had the funds, you could make huge amounts of commission in a short period of time.

So, what did I do if this resonated with me……? NOTHING!

I can hardly believe it actually, but all I did was watch and read about it. A while later, Google changed things and the Google Cash system died.

I saw other income systems such as the Ebay craze and the up and coming Amazon business. These were early pioneers and facilitators of mega affiliate marketing opportunities. Unlike the “Google Cash” system, these opportunities flourished, and they still make some people a lot of money. I continued to watch, and over the years, I noticed that they grew, and hordes of people jumped on the band wagon to make their fortunes. I also noticed that most people that tried, failed and only a select few made any real money.

I continued watching different things on the internet that made people money. Interestingly, I saw people just starting online, people like Sean Donahoe. He is an example of someone that worked out what worked and is an online millionaire.

Starting My Online Venture

During mid 2009, I seriously started to look at the online route I would go down to make money online. Over the years, I had been trying to identify what was evergreen and not a loophole system. I decided that search engine optimization (SEO) was up and coming, and if I could master that, I knew that I could make good income.

I Chose To Go Down The SEO Route As My Focused NicheI decided to train myself in SEO techniques. By 2011, I had become very knowledgeable at SEO. So much so, that I decided to offer my services to clients so that I could rank their websites on Google. The problem was that I had proof that I could do the job.

I decided to pick a niche, build a site, SEO and rank it on Google. I would then rent that site out to who ever would be willing to pay. There was an unknown though. I needed to know that a company was going to be willing to rent it if it was at the top of Google for a number of phrases.

I decided to make a few phone calls. The first call I made; the company weren’t interested. The second company, however, were very interested. I said I would call them back within 3 months when the site should be ranked.

I built the site and SEO’ed it. Within a few weeks, the site was on the 1st page of Google and in about 2 months, it was ranking #1 for a few of the phrases. I amazed myself. It was really exciting to see the site rank. My methods really worked … amazingly well!

I phoned the company, and straight away, they signed my contract and I added their details to the site. That company ended up getting so much business that they asked me to create 2 other sites and SEO those. That client remained a client for a long time and I made a lot of money from them before I stopped my SEO services side of my business a couple of years later.

I Went On To Earn More Than $20K Per Month In My 1st YearI went on to quickly build a reasonably large client base. My SEO earnings were high profit and averaged in the region of $1,200 per month with my biggest monthly fee being $4,000.

At the beginning of 2012, I decided to broaden my marketing horizons and offer my knowledge as an SEO trainer. I had developed a small software app at that time that performed a very impressing SEO action that increased peoples rank in Google and cut what would otherwise take many hours to do manually. I decided to sell this product on the Warrior Forum.

I prepared my sales copy and set the launch. I contacted a number of people that were also selling SEO products on the forum and managed to get a good number of JV’s promising to promote to their email lists. In June 2012, I launched the product. With the JV’s promoting, the product was flying of the shelf.

My first make money online product launch

In just the 2 week launch period, I made to what seemed to me like a decent income with over 800 units sold and $20,860 revenue in sales.

I was really pleased with it all. So much so, that I decided to do it again. I put to thought what I could do. I decided to put together an entire SEO training package called SEO Resurrection. The app I got coded for my first launch sold really well, so I decided to incorporate some software in the new package.
SEO ResurrectionBy January 2013, I had created my package and had a couple of software apps coded that would become my package upsells. I contacted the JV’s again and managed to get some good commitment. In mid January 2013 I launched my package SEO Resurrection.

Like with my first product, sales were coming in fast. I was also getting rave reviews about the quality of the package.

With the 2 products now performing really well, my email list was growing quite nicely. What was most significant was that each and every person on my list was a buyer. That was what all of them had in common. They had all purchased at least one of my products.

As these were training and software packages that worked, I had become a marketer that produced stuff that worked.

How I Became Financially Independent

With the two products under my belt. Decent sales, a growing high quality email list and now, a reputation, I decided to create a mega package. I decided to put together everything I had learnt into an SEO training package that would dwarf SEO Resurrection. The main component of this package would be the software though. I realized that software sold better than anything in the SEO space.

I designed the software to be based on my first app, but far bigger and more complex. This tool would basically do all of your Off Page SEO with minimal input from the user. The concept was amazing, and far better than any other tool that was on the market.

SEO BreakthroughBy December 2013, the package, SEO Breakthrough, was ready to launch. I contacted many of the JV partners that I had worked with on my other two launches. This venture would be a high ticket product that I would sell via webinar for $1,497.

I Was Broke!

During the year of 2013, I focused myself wholeheartedly on creating my new SEO package. So much so, that I took my eye off of generating income. For me, the good news was that in December 2013, the package was ready to sell. However, I was broke. I literally had enough money to cover my bills for December. After that, if this new venture was to fail, I would have to find a job to get some money in. That was a prospect that I was dreading. I had got used to working for myself and building my own successful online business.

The Launch

Over $75K In Sales To Customers On My Email List

75k online income in 5 days

My first webinar took place in December 2013. I invited everyone on my email list to the webinar. I had a good response and a few hundred people showed up. The webinar format was to cover SEO training that I presented in my premium high ticket product package. At the end of the webinar training, I switched to the SEO package and presented the offer.

I made a few sales on the call which I was pleased about. I followed up for the next 5 days with an email campaign that was to show the webinar replay and follow up. The final email on day 5 was to inform everyone that the offer was closing and that after that day, they would not be able to purchase. On that final day, the orders flooded in and I ended up making in excess of $75,000.

My next step would be to do JV (Joint Venture) webinar promotions with many of the people that had supported me as affiliates of my other earlier products.

From Broke to a 7 Figure Income in 5 Months

The JV webinars went exceptionally well. I was able to pretty much put on a webinar every week. Sales were coming in consistently. I was experiencing something that far exceeded my expectations.

Within just 5 months of launching SEO Breakthrough, I had gone from “Broke” to a 7 Figure income.

There Are Just 7 Simple Steps To My Powerful Successful BlueprintI had realized and put in to action my own step by step blueprint of how to build an impressive income in the least time possible. This blueprint was slick, efficient and most importantly….. It Worked!

The steps were so simple and effective that anyone could do them, apply the steps and be successful.

There are just 7 simple steps to my powerful successful blueprint. I have laid out my story in more detail and have listed the 7 steps to financial independence. You can get a FREE copy of my book titled

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