What Host Should I Use For My Blog – Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server

Selecting the right kind of hosting for your blog can be confusing – there are a number of options out there. For the purposes of this post, we’ll concentrate on the three main types of hosting: Shared servers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Dedicated servers. Before going any further, you may want to remind yourself of what exactly web hosting is and why you need it. Hosting is the file storage, security, and bandwidth of your blog on a server that is maintained by a hosting service. The hosting service is the ‘home’ of your blog, the neighbourhood it resides in, […] Read more »

Top online business ideas to make 10k per month

28 Top Online Business Ideas for 2020 to Make 10K per Month

Starting an online business has never been easier, or more advantageous – with the development and growth of the internet there are now numerous options with many benefits to starting an online business today! There are many plus sides to working online – the most obvious being financial freedom. There are other great possibilities too, including: - Enjoy working from your own home Work whilst travelling Work whilst living abroad (the nomadic / work lifestyle) Not being tied to a desk Not having to account to a boss Being completely free to work the hours you want, when you want […] Read more »

93 Most Profitable Blog Niches

93 Most Profitable Blog Niches & How To Monetize Them For Big Income

Selecting a niche can be a real obstacle and it’s just the starting point. Perhaps because it is the starting point is why it is difficult to get going because at this point, you have no momentum. However, selecting the right niche is important because your entire business is going to be built around what you select. You should determine the niche you enter by the reason why you want to start a blog. For example, if your reason and motivation to start a blog is for a hobby and you are not looking to make money from it, then […] Read more »

7 Steps to Success

7 Steps to Make a 6 Figure Annual Income on the Internet

There is so much noise on the internet telling you to do this or do that and you will make your fortune on the internet. I have been in this industry for years and have seen it all. I can honestly say that if you followed all the advice of all the “so called guru’s” you would be broke, or even worse than broke and in debt. The problem with the internet and marketing, is that it is 90% un regulated. This means that potentially, anyone can promote some scammy system on line and say it will make a ton […] Read more »