how to monetize a blog

24 Ways to Make Money Blogging & How To Monetize Your Blog in 2020

Making money from blogging seems like the dream job – you get to work from home, be completely in control of your own business, and create content on topics you really care about. It might also seem unattainable – that is, impossible to achieve! Yet more and more people are earning a living solely from blogging, so it’s perfectly possible. In fact, over the last few years, blogging has become a profitable online profession. And, like any other profession, there are different types of bloggers who earn different incomes – like lawyers, doctors, and any other sector. As a blogger, […] Read more »

what to charge for a sponsored blog post

How Much Do Bloggers Get Paid For Sponsored Posts?

Ready to make money from your blog? I get this question a lot so let’s take a look… What Are Sponsored Blog Posts? A sponsored blog post looks like any other post on a blogger’s website and should have the same tone and editorial feel. The big distinction is that a brand is paying the blogger to establish the post. Generally, a sponsored post is an optimized piece of content that a client, (you for example), has paid to a blogger so that the blogger writes and publishes a post on their blog about the subject you want them to […] Read more »

Money Online Blueprint Product Bundle

Money Online Blueprint

Money Online Blueprint is far more than training on how to make money online. It is a business in a box that teaches you how to make in excess of $1,000 per day in your spare time doing what you love. This training is cutting edge, but it is also simple to do and anyone can be successful with this and run in their spare time to become financially independent. I provide a wealth of proof, showing ordinary people that are making sensational monthly incomes. This training and strategy works! Furthermore, anyone can become financially independent by using this training. […] Read more »

10K Month Affiliate product - The complete package laid out

10K Month Affiliate

The 10K Month Affiliate package is probably the best package of its kind that has ever been launched in the “Make Money Online” niche. This is for a number of reasons. The package is extremely comprehensive. The teaching is easy to understand and apply whether you are a newbie or seasoned professional. Chris caters at all levels. The attention to detail is amazing and very thorough. The 10K Month Affiliate has taken Chris 9 months to develop. The value that is provided in this training and the tools / resources provided, way over delivers. From The 10K Month Affiliate, You […] Read more »

My 6 Step Strategy How To Make $1,000 Per Day By Blogging

My 6 Step Strategy How To Make $1,000 Per Day By Blogging

To be honest, I hesitated to use a post title like this one. I didn't want to look spammy or unreal in any way. After all, there are so many overly hyped "methods" and even "scams" that would promise such results and I didn't want to be numbered among those. However, I decided to continue with this title anyway, because what I am going to layout in this post is NOT an unreal un-achievable thing. On the contrary, it is absolutely do able. In fact, I am achieving this and so too are thousands of other bloggers. The thing to […] Read more »

Wordpress newsletter plugins

14 Top Email Newsletter Plugins for WordPress For 2020

Creating an email newsletter is of utmost importance for businesses nowadays; the ability to seamlessly reach your subscribers in one email is a great asset to any company, particularly as they may number in the thousands or millions. Email addresses are a powerful form of contact information to have – we live in a world where catching someone’s attention is harder than ever, and you can’t rely on social media to reach out to your followers. Building an email list is much more useful and allows you to send direct messages to your customers, straight to their inbox! Newsletters are […] Read more »

20 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

20 Popular Ways For You To Make Passive Income Online

Passive income – also known as ‘making money while you sleep’ – sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But what if there really were ways you could make money online, whilst barely lifting a finger? What if you could have money flowing in, the figures of your bank balance creeping up and up, whilst all you do is sit back and watch? It’s true – you really can make passive income. All you need is to educate yourself, develop a strategy, and get started with time, money, and hard work. Then you can sit back for the […] Read more »